How To Make Your Own Lipstick Like A Pro!

When I was younger I loved wearing crazy vibrant eyeshadows that matched my equally bright hair. Then if you are a very emotional person or a cry baby and expecting that there will be a lot of tears of joy on your wedding day, avoid applying mascara on your lower lashes. By the 1950s, movie actresses Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor helped bring back dark red lips.

If your favorite shadow crumbles and it's a color you'd also wear on your lips, store the broken pieces in a tiny container and mix what's left with some balm on a spoon, and then apply. After using the sugar scrub or another exfoliating method, apply a lip balm.

Granted, I know that eyeshadow can be very bright, but it didn't necessarily mean it would work when mixed together for lipstick. You will also need to have two colors of lipstick; one is going to be the actual color while the second tube is going to be the finishing color.

If you know you're going to be wearing some color in the near future and want makeup ideas to ensure the perfect canvas, avoid peeling and flaky lips by drinking lots of water and being heavy handed with your tube of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream throughout the day.

Note that you can also melt the ingredients in a double-boiler. It is because it will give the right creamy and thick texture to your homemade lipstick. After applying a second, final coat of lipstick, blot again with your tissue. 4. Lipstick will stay on longer if the whole lip is filled in with lip liner before lipstick is applied.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how vibrant both lipsticks looked, especially the blue. Lipstick has always been a part of fashion, but the history of lipstick goes back as far the ancient Egyptians who used henna to paint their lips. To soothe chapped or dry lips, many natural lip balm varieties include ingredients to alleviate pain from cracked skin.

It is great emollient and will give shine and gloss to your lipstick. Blot gently the first layer of lipstick then apply the second layer of lipstick. Use a spoon or small knife to scoop the lipstick into a small container with a lid. Ah, lipstick Let us count the ways we love you.

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